About the President

Mr. Ron Smock founded Drug Detection Services, Forensic and Criminalistics Testing, and later Independent Drug Testing and Forensic Services and serves as CEO, Certifying Scientist, Forensic Consultant, and Expert Witness. Originally beginning in the clinical hospital laboratory was grandfathered in under the CLIA certification program as a Medical Technologist. Serving 8 years at Presbyterian Hospital and 1 year at SED Medical Laboratory (St. Josephs Hospital) moved to Houston, Texas in 1980.

In Houston, Mr. Smock worked at Memorial General Hospital and Sam Houston Hospital while also working at Houston Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory part time. He moved to full time at Houston Clinical and Biomedical Lab. The lab’s reference laboratory – Severance Reference Laboratory – bought out HCBL and sought out Mr. Smock to develop toxicology (drug testing techniques) and introduce drug testing to Houston. Mr. Smock in conjunction with the San Antonio division developed the testing procedures for drug testing in Houston and introduced drug testing to Houston.

In 1984, Mr. Smock moved back to Albuquerque, NM and with his knowledge and experience in drug testing, opened a drug testing lab. Since there were no other labs of its kind in the State, he introduced drug testing to New Mexico. Starting with a few businesses and then rehabilitation hospitals, the business grew. Being awarded the contract with the New Mexico Department of Correction for drug testing statewide, began his law enforcement connections. Becoming as accepted expert witness in 1985 for the Juvenile Courts, soon became an expert in every judicial district in New Mexico.

When the White House began its inquiry into the drug problem, they contacted Mr. Smock for his expertise in the field and requested he testify as an expert in the White House Conference for a Drug Free America mandated by President Ronald Reagan. In 1986 the Congress passed and the President signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. One requirement of that legislation was the establishment of a White House Conference for a Drug Free America. This legislation was implemented by President Reagan through Executive Order No 12595 on May 5, 1987. This conference was held in Albuquerque on December 8, 1987, and was one of four held across the country.

During this time, Mr. Smock had the opportunity to work closely with the narcotic drug task force units in southern New Mexico and learned a great deal about the law enforcement point of view in regards to drugs and drug testing.

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