Independent Drug Testing and Forensic Services provides fingerprinting services for those needing background checks from healthcare givers, employees, security clearances, securities, liquor licenses, concealed carry applicants, and just for personal record keeping. IDTAFS has personnel that are FBI trained in identification and classification techniques and rolling finger prints. Future services will provide computerized fingerprinting that can be automatically transmitted to requesting agencies, printed, and sent to national databases such as NCIC if required.

Fingerprints can be developed from many different surfaces including inside a glove. Today many criminals use latex gloves to try to conceal their prints, but prints can actually be seen through the glove and can be turned inside out and prints taken from inside the glove. With the assistance of the alternate light source, prints can be detected on surfaces not commonly visited and with special powders and techniques, prints can be found and lifted for identification.

The normal fingerprint can contain as many as 75-150 individual characteristics that make each print unique to a specific individual. Even identical twins will exhibit different fingerprints. Today the use of palm prints is growing where some 2500 characteristics are found. Foot prints are also commonly used, but data bases are limited for identification. The creases in ones foot are life long and also unique to each individual.
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